1. ✔︎ Easy to use
  2. ✔︎ Always on
  3. ✔︎ Custom alerts
  4. ✔︎ REST API

Easy to use software

Every Sensorist® solution comes with our user-friendly software on desktop & mobile. For our Home & Hobby products a 90 days subscription is included, and after that the price is €29/year.

With all of your sensor measurements easily at hand you'll never miss out on temperature & humidity changes.

Quickly see your current environment situation and explore useful analytics & beautiful visualisations of the historic recordings. Get alerted at custom temperature & humidity levels, so you can take appropiate actions before it's too late.


All of your measurements are managable and can be explored from a single online Sensorist® account. You register at my.sensorist.com when you setup your sensors.


iPhone app

Easy to use app for your iPhone with all of your latest and historic measurements right at hand.

Sensorist iOS app

We ♡ Android as well

Android app

Our native Android app mirrors the feature-set of the iOS app and it can be downloaded from Google Play.

🔗 Get in touch

Do not hesitate to contact us. Write to contact@sensorist.com or call us at +45 5230 5232