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About Us

Sensorist® builds and sells online connected sensor systems. Our wireless sensors measure temperature, humidity and more in a wide range of environments and help you to maintain their optimal level. You can explore the measurements online using our ready-made website or app, or build custom integrations using our API.

Our hardware and software is customly designed to be accurate and user-friendly. We are always busy at work, further developing our range of sensor types and improving the usefulness of our software.


Email address contact@sensorist.com.

Company details

Sensorist ApS

Njalsgade 76, 4. 61

2300 Copenhagen S


CVR 34627290

Phone +45 5059 5041

Meet the Team

Kasper Mejlgaard, CEO

Kasper has an entrepreneurial spirit. He founded Fullrate which he later sold to the Danish incumbent TDC. A couple of years later he quit the company to start Sensorist.

Stiig Larsen, CSO

Stiig is head of sales. He has many years of experience in the areas of business sales, planning and marketing.

Kumar Shrayanth, Developer

Kumar has a solid and broad background working with embedded systems. Educated MSc in Electronics Design from Mid Sweden University.

Philip Zehm, Regional Sales Consultant

Philip is doing a MSc in Management of Innovation & Business Development in Copenhagen and is servicing our German speaking markets.

Laurence Donovan, Regional Sales Consultant

Laurence is doing a BSc in Business Administration at Copenhagen Business School and is servicing our German speaking markets.

Dominika Dawidowicz, Regional Sales Consultant

Dominika is studying Business at Copenhagen Business School and is servicing our German speaking markets.