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Smart monitoring for pharmacies

Protect your medicine storage, the easy way.

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Pharmacy sensors

Pharmacy temperature monitoring

Sensorist wireless sensor technology is both affordable and versatile, which makes our solution easy to use in many different applications.

One area where our system has found very wide use is in the pharmacy industry. Just like HACCP in the food industry, pharmacies in most countries are required to monitor the storage temperature of medicine.

Storage conditions for most medicines can be satisfied by either cold storage (between 2-8°C) or room temperature storage that is not above 25°C.

Many pharmaceutical products can be irreversibly degraded even by brief periods at sub-zero temperatures or above, so monitoring of storage temperature is vital.


... sensor measurements and counting

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"The system performed just perfectly. And with the multi-user functionality, everybody now has insight on its performance."

✐ Claude, Owner - Søborg and Buddinge Pharmacy

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"The Sensorist system is so intuitive to use that we actually cannot even imagine how much trouble it was previously to cope with."

✐ Janne, Pharmaconomist - Roskilde Dom Pharmacy

Meet Mark

Watch our short introductory pharmacy video.

The Sensorist System was designed and developed in Copenhagen, Denmark; the first country where pharmacists have had a great improvement in their automated medicine monitoring capabilities, removing their need for employees to tediously track their inventory's temperature and humidity conditions.

And our solution has become quite popular in the Danish market. Even now, it is working around the clock in more than 60% of all Danish pharmacies, as well as pharmacies in the US, the UK, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain, South Africa, and many more.

Pharmacy sensors

Stay on top of storage conditions

Because storage conditions can influence the stability of medicines, the authorities in most countries recommend the following:

  1. Max. and min. temperatures over the previous 24 hours should be recorded daily in fridges used to store medicines between 2°C / 35°F and 8°C / 46°F
  2. Temperatures should be recorded daily for any central medicine storage areas if there is any concern that the temperature is above 25°C / 77°F

With Sensorist temperature is automatically recorded every 15 minutes, day and night.

Easily manage multiple physical locations and multiple users, all with custom alarms. Setting up alarms means you will be notified immediately when something is out of the ordinary such as a fridge or AC unit failing.

Our sensors are very accurate and with such low drift (≤ 0.01 °C / year) that calibration is only needed every 10 years.

Reporting taken care of

The system generates PDF reports daily, weekly or monthly (or any timespan you want) or you can export data to CSV files. We provide smartphone apps for both Android and iOS, that makes it easy to keep an eye on everything - even when your're not in the pharmacy.

View PDF example.

Our software

Fast and easy

Sensor data is always available in real time in your browser or on your phone. Measurements are stored forever so you will have access to full historic documentation.


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We will be happy to demonstrate our system and to show you how easy it is to get started with Sensorist. Please give us a call or write us.

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