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If you are just getting started, read our setup guide first. If you have any questions that do not get answered here or in the guide, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@sensorist.com.

    Shipping & handling

  1. Do you ship internationally?

    Yes we ship to all countries.

  2. What is the cost for import duty?

    This depends on where you are living. If you live in EU, you are already covered, and if outside EU, it will be your local rules that decide.

  3. How many days should I expect before I receive my product - from when it’s shipped?

    We aim to ship as quickly as possible, and your product will be shipped within 2 days. Goods shipped within Denmark will be sent with Post Danmark, and will normally take 1 - 2 days, depending on where you live within the country. Goods to countries within the EU and countries outside of the EU will be sent via Royal Danish Mail, and delivery may take up to 12 business days, depending on where you are located.

  4. Where is your product being shipped from?

    Copenhagen, Denmark.


  1. Do you accept international credit cards?

    Yes, we accept the following cards; Dankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron and JCB.

  2. Do you accept payment through PayPal?

    No, we don’t accept payment with PayPal for the time being.

  3. Do you accept returns?

    Yes, please see returns under terms and conditions for more detail. Be aware that we can only do refunds to the card you used when you ordered and paid.

  4. Can you have a different shipping and billing address?

    Yes, you can - this is an option when you check out of shop.sensorist.com.


  1. Do I just need one gateway to control multiple sensors?

    Yes, one gateway can support up to 100 sensors.

  2. Can I buy your products separately e.g. more sensors, probes and gateways?

    Yes from our shop.

  3. What does the sensor button do?

    It's used during setup when paring the sensor with the gateway.

    In daily operations pressing the sensor button once will send an instant measurement. If you have notifications enabled you'll receive the measurement via mail or app push notification.

    Holding down the button will reset the sensor to its factory defaults.

  4. Are your sensors waterproof/can they be used outside?

    Yes they can be used outside. No, they are not waterproof, so they need to be under cover, e.g. a roof.

  5. Can your sensors endure very cold or very warm conditions?

    Yes, they can endure warm or cold weather, as long as they do not get wet. Temperature range from -35 °C / -22 °F to 60 °C / 140 °F.

  6. Do you have a warranty on your products?

    Yes, we have a standard two-year warranty. Please see here for more detail.

  7. How long do the batteries last?

    Normally one year or more, but it depends on the temperature. Very cold temperatures could shorten battery life. The sensors use 2 AAA-batteries so they are easy to replace.

    We'll automatically send you a notification when the batteries need replacement.

  8. How long is the range?

    950 meters line-of-sight.

  9. Can I sell your products in my shop?

    Please get in touch with us at contact@sensorist.com regarding this.


  1. What are the iPhone app requirements?

    The app requires iOS 9 or newer.

  2. Will your app work on an iPad?

    Yes, but only as a scaled iPhone app.

  3. Will it work on Android?

    Yes, we have a native Android app. You can download it from Google Play.

  4. Do you have an API?

    Yes, we have a REST API to query your devices and measurements.


  1. What happens with my data if the power goes out?

    Your sensors will keep collecting data for at least 5 hours, and when power returns to your gateway the collected data will get delivered.

  2. What happens with my data if the Internet connection goes offline?

    Your sensors and gateway will keep collecting data for at least 30 hours (varies, depends on the number of installed sensors), and when connectivity returns to your gateway the collected data will get delivered.

  3. How do I reset a sensor?

    Press the button and hold it for 10 - 15 seconds until the LED turns red. Remember that you will need to re-associate it with a gateway as you did when you first installed it.

  4. Why is my probe not detected?

    Make sure the plug is fully inserted. Then press the sensor button once to have the probe detected.